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BITS - master parts


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10,00 €

22 parts!

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This bits deal comes with several "master parts" that means they are not commercial resin copies but original 3d printed items, they are:
1 left and right Legio Praetoriana arms (perfect for any 30-35mm figure)
1 right arm + power sword Legio Praetoriana (perfect for any 30-35mm figure)
1 complete stormtrooper marine (7 parts) 35mm scale

Then we have resin parts:
1 Ky-rà horned helmet
1 Ky-rà 2 handed axe
3 asault rifles
All the parts are in scale for 28-35mm miniatures

Last but not least some hand painted white metal parts:
4 male human heads
3 assault rifles

the bits are packed in a plastic blister

Height 35mm
Material White metal + urethane resin
Art Director Rodolfo Goglia
Warnings Not suitable for persons under the age of 14 THIS IS NOT A TOY