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the ultimate deal!

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This is the ultimate way to enjoy this “Conan The Barbarian” statue, the “non plus ultra”.
Included in the deal is:

2× Conan The Barbarian 1:4th statue (one Frazetta's Original and one Sacred Bronze)
1x Chibi Conan The Barbarian (painted)
3× Certificate Of Authenticity (2 for the statues and 1 for the chibi)
3× Assemblage Handbook (2 for the statues and 1 for the chibi)
1x fine art print “Conan the statue” A4 format
1x PVC sticker "Conan The Adventurer" manufactured by Frazetta Girls llc.
1x Conan’s necklace (1:1th wearable replica)
1x Barbarian’s sword (1:8th replica with stand)
1x Sara Frazetta's "Mini Crom" original artwork (signed by the artist)

But it’s not over yet of course because you will be exclusively invited to Roma (Italy) for a visit to the studio where you will see the Conan prototypes in person and chat about the project with founder and art director Rodolfo Goglia. We'll be interested in your thoughts and opinions about a second project related to Conan’s world.
You’ll be hosted in the city center for 2 nights and we will include a very special dinner with us in the city’s historical center. (airplane tickets not included - transfer from/to the airport is included).

To add the cherry to the cake and as an additional incentive we will present you with a ‘Mini Crom’ Drawn and signed by Sara Frazetta! Yes you heard it well, an original drawing signed and framed (frame is a double glass one)

Height 1:4th scale (70cm tall)
Material polystone
Character Design Frank Frazetta
Sculpture Ali Jalali
Box Art Giovanni Bosio
Art Director Rodolfo Goglia
Warnings Not suitable for persons under the age of 14 THIS IS NOT A TOY

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