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2 statues + free model

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2 Conan the Barbarian – 1/4th scale statues: 1 in "Frazetta's original" paint scheme and 1 in "Sacred Bronze"      paint scheme

This is a unique and highly collectable statue, limited edition. Only 250 units will be manufactured, each unit is hand numbered and comes with an authenticity certificate. 

  • 2 Conan The Barbarian 1:4th statue (1 Frazetta's Original and 1 Sacred Bronze)
  • 1 Chibi Conan The Barbarian 1:24th model kit (needs assembly & painting) FREE
  • 3 Certificate of authenticity (2 for the 1:4th statues and 1 for the chibi)
  • 3 Assemblage handbook     (2 for the 1:4th statues and 1 for the chibi)
  • Fine art print "Conan The Statue" A4 format
  • PVC sticker "Conan The adventurer" manufactured by Frazetta Girls llc.

PAYMENT: you are now paying the first of 5 installments, then 4 further monthly installments of 349.00 Euros will follow. We will contact you by sending the link for the next payment at the beginning of each month. Final price for this item is 1895euro.
At the end of the installments you will pay the shipping costs accordingly to your country of destination.
The statue will be dispatched to you only when the last installment has been cleared and in any case not before May 2019.

SHIPPING: In order to optimize shipping costs we’ll dispatch the statues from 3 hubs: China, USA and Europe. 
In this way there are no import taxes for all the residents in the States, European countries and China. 
For the customers who live in all the other countries you don’t have to be worried about customs taxes because we’ll provide a special invoice for that purpose. 

Service is provided by FedEX
We consciously looked into the best way to minimise the cost to you while cutting the delivery time, and considering that a boxed statue is 60x60x72cm with a taxable volume of 54kg (real weight 15kg approx.) those prices are pretty much fantastic!

Height 1:4th scale (70cm)
Material polystone
Character Design Frank Frazetta
Sculpture Ali Jalali
Box Art Giovanni Bosio
Art Director Rodolfo Goglia
Warnings Not suitable for persons under the age of 14 THIS IS NOT A TOY

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