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Warhammer 40000 - Knight Preceptor Canis Rex

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Knight Preceptor Canis Rex

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This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to build a Knight Preceptor. This kit contains an entire Imperial Knight Warden kit, along with an extra 37 components which upgrade the basic Knight into the Preceptor and, optionally, the specific named Preceptor Canis Rex and his pilot (with a on foot version too).

Inside this box you will find also a lot of choices for weapons, including a thermal cannon, a rapid-fire battlecannon, a heavy stubber, a thunderstrike gauntlet, an avenger gatling cannon, a carapace mounted twin icarus autocannon, a carapace mounted missile launcher with the choice of either ironstorm, shieldbreaker, or stormspear missile pods, a reaper chainsword and a meltagun.

This kit can be built as either a Knight Preceptor, Canis Rex, Errant, Paladin, Warden, Gallant or Crusader. The optional bits are interchangeable and can be used as spares for any other Knight kits you might have.

Contains: 1 Imperial Knight Warden or Knight Preceptor Canis Rex

Brand: Games Workshop

Weight: 748 g

Dimensions: 31 x 8,9 x 22,9 cm

Material Plastic
Warnings Not suitable for persons under the age of 14 THIS IS NOT A TOY

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