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as a true believer now you can display your faith also in the kitchen! 
Those amazing magnets will look great on your fridge's door...or wherever you want because the Great Cthulhu doesn't care!

The blister contains 2 magnets:
diameter: 40mm
thickness: 20mm
made of durable polystone each magnet is handpainted

Height 20mm
Material polystone
Character Design Aurelio Lecis
Sculpture Irek Zieliński
Box Art Kabuki Studio
Art Director Rodolfo Goglia
Warnings Not suitable for persons under the age of 14 THIS IS NOT A TOY

Lovecraft Nightmares Wallpaper

As an heartfelt thanks for buyin' one of our Idols, here you have a link to download some Lovecraft Nightmares Wallpapers: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yb3vmlajt760vyp/Cthulhu%20Discovered.zip?dl=0

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